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Journal Writing

The 1Journal software features a Journal Explorer for organizing, filtering and reviewing your journal entries and a rich-text editor for editing your journals and metadata.

Personal Records

With Personal Records, you can keep track of personal data that is important to you - up to 16 different questions or measurements to match your interests and passions.


The Prompt Explorer organizes the questions, quotes, book passages or other bits of text that you find inspiring and positive for your life - pre-populated with a over 2,000 items to start with.


Using the features of streaks (daily behavior) and habits (average behavior), you can utilize your personal records to track your consistency and success concerning your desired goals and disciplines.


All of your journal entries are shown on a timeline. The timeline can be further customized to include landmark events using text, pictures, web links and embedded web items like YouTube videos.


You can easily graph your personal records over time using custom colors and custom settings of the Y axis and the date span on the X-axis. You can also print your graph for future reference.

Easily Shared

Exporting and importing of journals, prompts, records and templates uses an open format, facilitating sharing of your materials easily with appropriate people.


Every writer can use password protection, and the database that holds your journals, prompts and records is fully protected with strong levels of encryption.


Metadata is used to classify, organize and filter your journals and prompts. Metadata includes categories, people, feelings, ratings, tags and types.

Screenshot Overviews

These screenshots are related to keeping a journal - the journal explorer, journal editor and prompt explorer. 
These screenshots are related to keeping track of your personal records and the disciplines associated with those...
These screenshots are related to the timeline and the various utilities like backup and restores, importing and...